Stories from a Car Rental Agency

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The following was the lovely conversation of trying to get a car rental reservation from one of the local car rental agencies..

Me: “We are interested in renting a car, we just want to see what cars you have, prices, availability, etc…”

Them: “Yes we have cars…we have nissan sunnies…”

Me: “Ok….how much are the cars?”

Them:  “Hold on (he asks another guy in the office), no….sorry we don’t have Nissan Sunnies any more…”

Me: “Ok So do you have other cars?”

Them: “Oh yes we have other cars too…”

Me: “How much are those cars?”

Them: “I don’t know”

Me: “Umm ok, what kind of cars do you have?”

Them: “Many different kinds…”

Me: “What’s the biggest car you have?”

Them: “Nissan Altima”

Me: “That’s the biggest car? You don’t have SUVs?”

Them: “Oh Yes we have SUVs too…when do you want to rent a car for”

Me: “The weekend, can I make a reservation?”

Them: “Oh we might not have cars then, I don’t know”

Me: “Umm can you check? How can I know if you’ll have cars for the weekend”

Them: “Ok well call Thursday morning and ask”

Me: “Umm no that is not a good plan, why can’t I make a reservation?”

Them: “Oh you can make a reservation.”

Me: “But you just don’t know what cars you have, how much they are, or when they are available?”

Them: “Ok maybe you can try to call here later? or check our website.”

Me: “Uh huh Yeah, Thanks I will get right on that…”

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