Into the Eastern Desert – The Oasis

Azraq Wetland Reserve - Azraq, Jordan

One of these things doesn’t belong, one of these things is different. If you told me there was this huge Oasis and wetland out here in the eastern desert I would have thought it was an obvious lie.  How could there be a wetland in this stark, desolate, black rock desert of Azraq.  It seems to go against any normal obvious convention and … [Read more...]

Into the Eastern Desert – The Abandoned City

Umm Al-Jimaal - Northern Jordan

It is amazing how much there is to do out in the Eastern Desert even writing a lot for Part 1 and Part 2 I still had quite a bit left over for our final bit of time wandering the desert.  It wasn’t 40 days but it was longer than any of us had done in the past... … [Read more...]

Chasing Trains in Amman

Hejaz Train Station - Amman Jordan

It was just one of those decisions.  We were all meeting up in Jabel Webdeh (a lovely neighborhood in Amman) to relax and talk before one of our friends left for good to the airport.  It was a surprisingly warm March day and we were certainly enjoying the weather of the area.  We all said our goodbyes and started walking back towards the downtown.  … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Lost in the Desert

Lost in the Desert -- Jordan

OK we weren’t really lost in the desert, although we weren’t exactly sure where we were headed either.  Thank goodness for modern technology like Google maps helping me navigate our direction in the open desert towards a hopeful castle on a map.  We had no assurance that after 20+ km we would actually reach our destination or not.  With a few … [Read more...]

Bound for Kosovo

Dinner in Podgorica, Montenegro

We finished dinner and arrived late at the bus station to await our evening bus to Kosovo.  We both were just mulling around the station.  I had finished up the last few of my postcards and realized there was no easy way to get them mailed back to the states since the post-office was closed.  I had convinced the people working the bus station to … [Read more...]

Seasons Endings and Travel Stories

Downtown Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina

I recalled that there was an evening bus on to Montenegro from the wall of our hostel in Sarajevo.  Off we went on towards the bus station on the other side of town hoping to go on towards our destination.  For the uninitiated, Bosnia is broken up into two areas, the Bosnia and Herzegovina which everyone is familiar with from the countries name, … [Read more...]