Friday Photo: Let it Snow – Jordan

Amman in the Snow - Amman, Jordan

I was hearing reports that it was planning to snow this weekend so not sure how that is going to affect my plans.  I was talking to recently and made me realize that this time last year was around the time when I landed in Jordan for my several months of study.  It is amazing how quickly time evaporates!  I am working on my next … [Read more...]

The Important Guide to taxis in Amman

Taxis in Amman - Amman Jordan

"So how was your first day" - I asked L as he beamed a smile at me. "Ahh it was great, I went downtown and it was cheap too, only cost 7JD to get there"  he replied "7 JD! You got robbed! That's over twice the price" - I angrily retorted He looked quite dejected at having overpaid for something he had imagined he got a good price on.  … [Read more...]

Renting a Car in Jordan

Rental Car - Qasr Burqu - Jordan

There are various ways to rent a car when you are travelling in Jordan. There is one I was used to previously, the western car company approach. All the big car companies exist here in Jordan (Avis, Hertz, Sixt, Thrifty) and it operates generally how you expect. You go online or call and you reserve the car and time you want and go and pick it up … [Read more...]

Chasing Trains in Amman

Hejaz Train Station - Amman Jordan

It was just one of those decisions.  We were all meeting up in Jabel Webdeh (a lovely neighborhood in Amman) to relax and talk before one of our friends left for good to the airport.  It was a surprisingly warm March day and we were certainly enjoying the weather of the area.  We all said our goodbyes and started walking back towards the downtown.  … [Read more...]

10 Places to Visit in Jordan (Besides the famous three)


Don’t get me wrong, I love all things about Jordan.  It is an amazing country to visit, and everyone you talk to wants to see Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead.  They claim they’ve “done” Jordan, and when they are told they are just scratching the surface, they ask, “So what else is there?”  They don’t realize how much the county has to … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Hejaz Train Station

Hejaz Train Station - Amman Jordan

Sometimes the random trips turn out to be little Adventures.  We were walking towards the downtown from Jebal Webdeh and someone randomly mentioned they wanted to see the Hejaz Railway Station here in Amman, and then everyone decided it was a good idea and we were off.  Trying to Navigate the streets of Amman in a tiny car while trying to Navigate … [Read more...]