Weekly Photo: Chowmahalla Palace – Hyderabad


One of several palaces that used to house the Nizams of Hyderabad back in the day and how is used mostly as a tourist site and museum.  It was the official residence of the Nizams during their rule of Hyderabad up until they were exiled after Indian Independence.  It is believed to be modeled after the Shah’s palace in Iran.  If you … [Read more...]

Indian Visa Process: BLS International

Charminar - Hyderabad India

I get a lot of emails for support on getting a Indian Visa, and a lot of notes about my difficulty from before.  So I figured I would try to pull together some tips and a guide for getting the Visa to help avoid some of the issues. These steps focus on a Tourist Visa applied for in USA, since that is where I have the experience.  I have not done … [Read more...]

Visiting the Bone Setter – India

Visiting the Bone Setter - India

An old city injury requires an old city solution. Or at least that sounds like justification enough. For those who don’t know, I’m pretty accident prone.  Ok I’m very accident prone as I’ve been known to fall down going up stairs, find mysterious wounds on me, or walk into the occasional wall.  I’ve even been told that I’m better on skis than … [Read more...]

Getting a Indian Visa with BLS International

Hyderbad India

-- Note-- I added in a guide to getting the visa for those looking for help. It’s been several years since my last trip to India. In 2007 I made it an important goal to get to India to see my grandfather who was getting up in age.  And I’m blessed to have had that opportunity since it was not soon afterwards that he had passed away. So travel … [Read more...]

Where to Travel in 2014

Marrakech, Morocco

With 2014 just starting up, it’s time to start planning your year of travel.  I pulled together a list of great destinations to check out in the new Year with recommendations on when to go there.  I pulled these from lists of places I have visited personally to make sure the recommendation is not simply just a rehash of other lists.   Here is … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: You get smarter with age…perhaps.

Fathepur Sikri - Uttar Pradesh, India

I was thinking towards my upcoming trip to India.  For those who haven’t heard, I did get my visa, through the new process which is a bit of a mess.  I will try to detail it more in a follow-up post to perhaps help others.  I was thinking back to a trip to India when I was younger, much younger.  Looking at the photos makes me wonder umm what was I … [Read more...]