Friday Photo: After Sunrise on Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge after Sunset - Prague, Czech Republic

I arrived on Charles Bridge really early that morning.  I think that is the thing when you are dedicated, you find yourself waking up at ungodly hours of the morning hoping to get the shot that will make everyone else jealous.  I had one of those shots that I previously posted but now I was sitting here waiting for the sun to rise and see how … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Under the Bridge


I hate packing.  I always imagined I would be better at it after years of traveling, after dozens of trips to different parts of the world.  But nope, somehow I still really suck at packing.  I don’t understand why.  For some reason I just abhor it, put it off to the last minute, struggle to figure out what exactly I need.  It seems as if every … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: The Fog in Brugge

Bridge in the fog in Brugge, Belgium

It was a cold and foggy day the time we wandered down into Brugge.  I didn't think it was going to end up being a good day for photography, just a nice day to see museums.  But sometimes the fog adds a lot to the atmosphere of a place. Check out Delicious Baby for more Friday Photo Fun! … [Read more...]