Mount Nemrut and Beyond

Sunset over Mount Nemrut - Turkey

There is very little to do in Adiyaman you almost wonder why any would come here.  If it wasn’t for the nearby Mount Nemrut National Park very few probably would.  We arrived here on the morning bus unsure of how we were going to move forward. So what is Mount Nemrut and why would you come here?  Honestly before coming I really only knew it as a … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Eilean Donan Castle – Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle – Scotland

I really like this photo and I realize I never posted it!  Good thing too as I wanted to originally post some photos from my recent India trip but other life issues, weather issues, etc prevented me from actually going through all of them.  I have some good stories to share from India but until that I hope you enjoy this lovely photo from … [Read more...]

Where to Travel in 2014

Marrakech, Morocco

With 2014 just starting up, it’s time to start planning your year of travel.  I pulled together a list of great destinations to check out in the new Year with recommendations on when to go there.  I pulled these from lists of places I have visited personally to make sure the recommendation is not simply just a rehash of other lists.   Here is … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: In the Shadow of Etna – Sicily

Mount Etna - Sicily, Italy

I had wanted to climb Mt. Etna while I was in Sicily on the trip there but the weather never seemed to cooperate.  It rained nearly daily which ended up causing the tours of the Mountain to cancel on a regular basis.  Ahh well, it would have been a beautiful place to go hiking.  I also missed out on Vesuvius as well while near Naples for the same … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: At the end of the Road – Scotland

End of the Road - Lighthouse - Skye, Scotland

I was thinking back about a semi-recent trip to Skye, Scotland that I took with some of my friends / coworkers.  We didn’t really have a plan when we went up to Scotland but found ourselves a bit remote out in the Isle of Skye since it seemed like an interesting (and large) island up in the Scottish homeland.  We trekked out to the lighthouse, down … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Eye of London

London Eye - London, England

This is probably the closest I ever got to riding the London Eye.  I don’t know sure it looks nice and I believe it has a great view of this historic and exciting city.  Maybe I am missing out?  Have you ridden the London Eye before?  I don’t know I often try to do and get excited about a lot of the “tourist traps” that are sprinkled throughout the … [Read more...]