Friday Photo: Mother and Child

Kangaroo and Joey

Ok well I don’t know if that is a boy or a girl Joey.  There is probably a way to tell but one should not get that close to the Kangaroos.  There is a video out there of me being an idiot around kangaroos but it would be best if I don’t post it here perhaps!  I thought this was a cute shot of him staring at me while the mother was there.  Probably … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: What you looking at?

Kangaroo at Pebbly Beach

The problem with some places in the animals can end up too tame.  That is one of the issues and reasons folks travel to Pebbly Beach in New South Wales, Australia for the friendly kangaroos who come right up to you.  This one was cautious and curious of me it seemed as he stared at me from a close but safe distance. … [Read more...]