Art Exhibit – Zaatari Refugee Children – Amman Jordan


I’m always the last person to know anything that seems to go on around town.  As I went into my new favorite café (Café Fann wa Chai) in Jabel Al-Webdeih I noticed they were having an art exhibit that opened tonight.  The exhibit is sponsored by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and featuring artwork from Syrian refugees in the Zaatari … [Read more...]

Adventures in Middle East Living: Visiting the Embassy

Amman Jordan cityscape

I didn’t take photos of the embassies so I just have a photo of Amman traffic to share. So wanted to get another story and update on life, love, and study in the Middle east.  Or at least two of the previous three.  Besides regular classes, I've been working on trying to get my business visa to Saudi Arabia. On advice I woke up really early to … [Read more...]

Return to Amman Jordan – Middle East Living

Roman Theater in Amman Jordan

The lovely and ancient Roman Theater in Amman Jordan It is interesting to be finally back in the middle east and one of my now favorite places Amman Jordan.  Cities of the world are known for so many things, and I try to think about the distinctive thing that I think about when I imagine Amman and perhaps it is the city of hills.  If … [Read more...]

Weekly Photo and new travels to the Middle East

Downtown Amman - Roman Theater from Citadel - Amman Jordan

So people have been asking me what’s been going on and I’ve slowly been answering it in various forms randomly in phone calls or on Social Media.  But yesterday I learned that my Visa arrived which was a great surprise.  I mailed it to the embassy the previously Friday and it returned on Thursday.  I actually thought there was something wrong … [Read more...]

Breakfast with Bedouins – Petra

Entrance - Petra - Jordan

It was early. The kind of early that does not align well with vacation plans, even "vacations within a vacation" as I tended to describe this trip to be.  Only moments prior the sweet cacophony of the Adhan, a mainstay of Muslim countries, punctured the arid desert air of Wadi Musa and the surrounding valleys. With my cat like maneuvers honed … [Read more...]

Photo Essay: Wandering through As-Salt Jordan

As-Salt Jordan

One of the things a lot of tourists don’t end up seeing is the absolutely beautiful city of As-Salt that sits nearby as basically a suburb of the larger Amman.  What even fewer realize is that As-Salt was actually the first capital and probably one of the most beautiful cities in all of Jordan.  So I wanted to share a few of the photos and … [Read more...]