Breakfast with Bedouins – Petra

Entrance - Petra - Jordan

It was early. The kind of early that does not align well with vacation plans, even "vacations within a vacation" as I tended to describe this trip to be.  Only moments prior the sweet cacophony of the Adhan, a mainstay of Muslim countries, punctured the arid desert air of Wadi Musa and the surrounding valleys. With my cat like maneuvers honed … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Along the trail in Petra


It was a lovely winter morning as we wandered along the trails of Petra.  There were very few folks wandering about this morning which was one of the benefits of visiting during the winter months.  I saw these folks, local Bedouins hurry along down the trail along with the other few tourists who were on there way as well and I was lucky … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Wanderings at the Monastery

Petra Monastery - Petra, Jordan

I was asked a bit ago if I could try to put together a little presentation on traveling to Jordan or perhaps at least my little trip to Jordan.  I’d have to find about 150 photographs they mentioned perhaps to verify I could possibly make it work.  Hmm I though I suppose it would be difficult but that I could perhaps cull it down to that many.  I … [Read more...]

10 Places to Visit in Jordan (Besides the famous three)


Don’t get me wrong, I love all things about Jordan.  It is an amazing country to visit, and everyone you talk to wants to see Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead.  They claim they’ve “done” Jordan, and when they are told they are just scratching the surface, they ask, “So what else is there?”  They don’t realize how much the county has to offer!  So here … [Read more...]

Useful Advice for Visiting Petra

Obelisk - Petra, Jordan

Having spend a long time in Jordan I get a lot of questions about Jordan travel in particular Petra.  And of course why not?  Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the “new world wonders”, and really one of the most incredible places I’ve visited.  But here are a few tips to help you in planning out your trip. … [Read more...]

Photo: Little Camels, Big Treasury

The Treasury - Petra, Jordan

I really need to get better at naming photographs or posts.  It definitely pays to get in early at times.  Well actually most of the time.  Being the first person in to a site in the morning certainly has its advantages when it comes to photography.  I was there watching the folks set up, getting ready for the onslaught of tourists soon to be … [Read more...]