Breakfast with Bedouins – Petra

Entrance - Petra - Jordan

It was early. The kind of early that does not align well with vacation plans, even "vacations within a vacation" as I tended to describe this trip to be.  Only moments prior the sweet cacophony of the Adhan, a mainstay of Muslim countries, punctured the arid desert air of Wadi Musa and the surrounding valleys. With my cat like maneuvers honed … [Read more...]

2013 Year in Review – Life, Lessons, and Learning

Shenandoah National Park - Virginia

2013 was an interesting year…one of the most memorable to date. The beginning of 2013 found me in Qatar celebrating New Years with family members in a country I had visited 19 years prior. Qatar had certainly changed a lot in those 19 years although I only have vague recollection of my time there previously. All my cousins were grown, married, and … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Walking along the way

Taormina, Sicily

I was thinking today that it has been nearly three years since I moved to the Washington DC area.  In a strange sort of way my time time may end nearly when my 3 years started and I moved there from Philadelphia for a variety of reasons.  I’m in the process of figuring out the path ahead, some of it out of choice and some not; but … [Read more...]

Into the Eastern Desert – Qasr-ain

Into the Eastern Desert - Qasr Harrana - Jordan

In Arabic the word “Qasr” means palace.  These were possibly palaces, although some were mere fortresses, and most were simply lodges and houses, which I guess could be seen as a palace.  There were two famous examples on the outskirts of Azraq that see the most tourists (mostly from tour buses from the capital) and we opted to visit these before … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Time and London Nights

Big Ben and Parliament - London, United Kingdom

I can’t believe summer is already over here in my part of the world. The weather is thankfully still pleasant but the leaves are beginning to lose their leaves and color. I looked at this photo from a previous trip through London and it makes me think about how quickly times flies by, the days, the months, the years. It’s hard to imagine the … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Wanderings at the Monastery

Petra Monastery - Petra, Jordan

I was asked a bit ago if I could try to put together a little presentation on traveling to Jordan or perhaps at least my little trip to Jordan.  I’d have to find about 150 photographs they mentioned perhaps to verify I could possibly make it work.  Hmm I though I suppose it would be difficult but that I could perhaps cull it down to that many.  I … [Read more...]