Friday Photo: Statue — Brussels

Statue -- Brussels, Belgium

I spent a week in October of '09 exploring Brussels for a weekend.  I didn't have the greatest weekend perhaps but I had a lovely time wandering the city by myself taking photos as I went.  I just happened to like this statue with the Palace of Justice in the background. … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Albanian War Heroes

Albania War Hero Monument in Durres, Albania

Who is that man on top of the Monument?  I really have no idea.  One of the interesting things about Albania was seeing all the statues to past war heroes in random locations around the country.  Durres especially had more than its share of monuments to heroes of wars past most of which I would never become familiar with I'm sure.  It is always … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Angels in Brussels

Patria -- Brussels, Belgium

It was my first trip to Brussels and I'm not completely sure it was my favorite weekend trip while out in the UK.  I had a difficult time getting around a bit, and finding friendly people to talk with.  I usually dont have such issues while traveling generally.  However I found that I really did enjoy Brussels for the photo opportunities.  There … [Read more...]