Friday Photo: On the streets of Shinjuku

Small Restaurant -- Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

I've been going through some of my photo archives lately.  I realize that my photo management has started to get a bit unwieldy lately so I'm hoping to work on figuring out a better organization structure.  I was looking back on some memories from Japan in 2010 and I came across this photo.  It is probably one of my favorite photos from Japan over … [Read more...]

Unintentionally Funny Signs of Travel in Japan


You know there are often times some signs and postings that are just humorous to see, even if unintentionally so.  Often times I wonder if it is only I who finds these funny, maybe it’s just my stupid sense of humor.  Japan is an amazing place, and it has such an amazing culture.  However often times there are things there that either maybe don’t … [Read more...]

Funny stories from travel in the land of the rising sun

Metro Sign - Tokyo Metro -- Tokyo Japan

I’m starting to miss my time in Tokyo.  I used to travel there fairly consistently at least 2 or 3 times a year over the last several years and now it has been over a year since my most recent trip.  Over those many trips I have had so many moments that I have just thought were crazy, curious, or downright funny.  Some of my favorites below: On … [Read more...]

Of Alcohol and Juice Boxes

Saki Boxes

I love Japan, for its amazing culture, long history, and even its random oddities.  One such was when I discovered these lovely things while wandering through the aisles of a local convenience store. Yup if you guessed what you are seeing there, those juice box looking things are actually alcohol.  While they probably aren't juice, but they … [Read more...]

It’s a KFC sort of Christmas.

Santa and Rudolph - Tokyo, Japan

Merry Christmas to all.  Open up the presents under the tree, sing carols, and eat Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Wait you don't eat KFC on Christmas you say?  You think I'm crazy maybe since it's Christmas and it's likely closed where you are?  Or maybe you didn't reserve you chicken ahead of time in preparation? Well if that's the case you probably … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Christmas Tokyo Style

Ooh it sparkles!

No one seems to know how to do Christmas more commercially than they seem to do it in Tokyo.  There seemed to be no end to the over the top christmas decorations in all corners of this massive city.  This one was the Swarovski Crystal Christmas tree in Omotesando hills.  Merry Christmas! … [Read more...]