Photo: Little Camels, Big Treasury

The Treasury - Petra, Jordan

I really need to get better at naming photographs or posts.  It definitely pays to get in early at times.  Well actually most of the time.  Being the first person in to a site in the morning certainly has its advantages when it comes to photography.  I was there watching the folks set up, getting ready for the onslaught of tourists soon to be … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Sunrise at the Treasury

Sunrise at the Treasury

Another Petra photo and another photo of the Treasury.  I swear I took more photos than just near the entrance!  I will try to post them soon or write about them more, but with studying it’s been hard, since I feel so guilty spending so much time writing when I could be studying more!  I arrived really early on my second day in Petra.  I was … [Read more...]