Friday Photo: Umm Qais – Jordan

Umm Qais - Jordan

It was a not so beautiful day wandering through the ruins of Umm Qais in Northern Jordan.  The north of Jordan is strikingly beautiful and green, unlike what I really expected.  But then again Jordan has been anything but what I expected from this foray into the middle east.  Umm Qais has an interesting history dating back to the Greeks and Romans … [Read more...]

10 Places to Visit in Jordan (Besides the famous three)


Don’t get me wrong, I love all things about Jordan.  It is an amazing country to visit, and everyone you talk to wants to see Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead.  They claim they’ve “done” Jordan, and when they are told they are just scratching the surface, they ask, “So what else is there?”  They don’t realize how much the county has to offer!  So here … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: The Promised Land

Umm Qais, Jordan

Several weeks ago I had the chance to visit Umm Qais up in the northern Part of Jordan.  It was far more green than I expected it to be, and it amazes me how constantly surprised I am at the environment in this part of the world.  In the distance there you can see Syria, the Golan Heights, Israel, Palestine.  Its hard to see from the photographs … [Read more...]