Friday Photo: The Edge of the Waterfall – Australia

The Edge of the Waterfall - Australia

Yeah well maybe it’s not the safest place to find yourself, but we were careful.  Or at least we try to be careful.  We wandered over the street and across the boulders to get closer to the edge of the waterfall and see what there is to see.  It was quite a long drop down to be honest, and I was not going to push myself to the edge for anything … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Hey Kea

Kea Bird, Milford Sound -- Fjordlands, New Zealand

Ahh he would probably be the first near hitchhiking bird I have ever seen.  He decided to really get a bit friendly with us on our way to Milford Sound.  He was hopping around the car as we went to stare at the waterfall before us, and even tried to jump in at one point when we opened the door to get back inside.  Maybe he just wanted some company … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Hopetoun Falls

Hopetoun Falls -- Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Still trying to make it through the Great Ocean Road it seemed that the road seem to veer a bit away from the Coast and through some rainforest type areas.  Originally I felt like I was missing out but then realized there was so much still to see among the forests of this area including so many lovely waterfalls.  One of the larger ones the … [Read more...]

Friday Photo: Chilling at the Grampians

Mackenzie Falls -- The Grampians, Victoria

Getting a chance to see new places is always top of my list.  Maybe its crazy trying to get to see as many National Parks as I can, no matter what the country.  Got the chance to go take a look at the Grampians National Park on a random winter day.  We lucked out with the weather, it seemed to only be bad in between our stops around the park.  Some … [Read more...]