Walking the High Line — New York City

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High Line Park -- New York City, New  York

In many cities, old unused train lines end up becoming big eye sores, but in New York City it gets turned into a park.  The high line is an old elevated train tracks on the west side of Manhattan.  What could have ended up as an unused piece of track or torn down for some other development ended up becoming a great park to wander through and hang out on during nice New York days.

High Line Park -- New York City, New  York

The original part of the park opened in 2009 between Gansevoort Street and West 20th Street.  In 2011 the second section of the park was opened between West 20th and West 30th Street.

High Line Park -- New York City, New  York

I went to New York to visit a friend who lives in the area.  Having been to New York many times over the years and visiting a friend who formally lived in Manhattan there is rarely anything thing in the city that either of us have never seen.  So when I found out that neither of us have visited the high line yet in it’s short lifespan, I knew this would be a great thing to visit on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

High Line Park -- New York City, New  York

I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let me go and borrow these little bikes here.  But they were really cool!

High Line Park -- New York City, New  York

I absolutely loved the industrial nature of the place.  It was so New York in its inception and styling.  They were able to retain a lot of the track characteristics but still make it very walkable and usable by pedestrians.

High Line Park -- New York City, New  York

However the place that day was packed.  I guess what should I have expected for a gorgeous Sunday Afternoon…  While the weather has been warm quite often lately, it really felt like spring had finally descended on the city.  Every time I tried to stop and take a photo I felt like I was going to get swept along by the crowds moving along.  I basically had to walk and shoot from the hip here.

Parking Sign -- High Line Park -- New York City, New  York

That has to be one of the most clever parking signs I’ve seen in the city thus far.

High Line Park -- New York City, New  York

It seemed the area was building up around here too.  Lots of apartments and condos were advertising vacancies.

Apartments -- High Line Park -- New York City, New  York

There were so definitely funky looking buildings here.  I wonder how it would be to live in the condo over there on the left.  However I wonder if I would eventually get sick of the building architecture there.

High Line Park -- New York City, New  York

There was a lot of brown grass and plants here.  I would love to get back here possibly later in the spring when things turn green.  Well if things turn green.

High Line Graffiti -- New York City, New  York

There was some interesting graffiti in the area as well.

High Line Elevator Sign -- New York City, New  York

I found these things a bit too late.  These little heart symbols as seen here on the elevator, all presented audio messages of inspiration and love.  You could find them on the water fountains, bathrooms, and elevators in the park.  Definitely an amusing and fun stop at areas along in the park.

High Line Rail Yards Construction Area -- New York City, New  York

The park unceremoniously ends at a construction area.  This is part of the final section of the park that is set to open between West 30th street and West 34th street.  I didn’t see anything listing when this part of the park would be open.  This part is still owned by the CSX corporation so I believe the park is still trying to secure rights to restore and use this piece.

High Line Park -- New York City, New  York

Visiting the Park:

The park is opened daily from 7am to 7pm

Located Near 10th Avenue, the park has several entrances at:
Gansevoort Street
14 street (elevator access)
West 16th Street (elevator access)
West 18th Street
West 20th Street
23 Street (elevator access)
West 26th Street
West 28th Street
West 30th Street (elevator access)

Dogs are not permitted in the Park


  1. Andrew Graeme Gould says

    What a great idea they had in developing this as an urban park. Very well documented in this series, Anwar. I will actually be visiting New York very soon, and have looked this place up on the Internet, so thanks for the lead!
    Andrew Graeme Gould´s last blog post ..Santiago, Chile: In the mall today

    • AY says

      Cool! If the weather is good for you during your time in NYC it is worth checking out! Yeah it is a really cool park, and a great use of the space that would have been left in disrepair or torn down…

  2. says

    I love that they turned something old into something new…giving it more meaning. I’ve walked through the park with my family and we loved every moment. I loved that they planted shrubbery, created fountains and sitting areas for people to relax and take in the ambiance.

    Looking forward to returning in the summer and enjoying the park a bit more.
    Jahnavi @ Indian Khana Made Easy´s last blog post ..A Tasty Memory – Feast Fit For A King

    • AY says

      I agree, I think it is a fantastic use for the space. I’m sure in the summer the plants and such appear more “alive”. Hope you make it back there this summer.

    • AY says

      I believe originally the city was going to demolish the high line. I’m not sure how it ended up becoming the park, but I know there was a lot of push to keep it and reuse it either as a train line or as some other public area. Part of the track is still owned by CSX, and it seems like it may eventually become part of the park, but I couldn’t find any definitive information as to when or if that was to happen. Definitely worth visiting when you are in NYC and the weather is nice.

    • AY says

      Anytime I can break my camera out for something new it is a good day :) Yeah I had heard of it forever, but when i was in NY other times recently either the weather was bad (or cold) or I was there for some other purpose.

  3. says

    I love the High Line! I can promise you that it looks completely different once all the flowers and shrubs have bloomed. Once the weather gets warmer they also showcase various musicians and performance groups. You’ll have to go back in late spring/ early summer!
    Kavi @ Lab to Fab!´s last blog post ..Swimming atop Victoria Falls

    • AY says

      Yeah I definitely could tell it would be completely different later in the spring. I need to go back for sure. Not sure if i will make it back this summer as I’m trying to plan so many trips, etc for the spring / summer / autumn this year.

  4. says

    I’ve never walked along this area in New York but it looks very American and fascinating!! Next time I’ll be in NY, I’ll try to go and have a look!

    • AY says

      Definitely worth checking out if the weather is nice when you are in New York. I love parks, and it was definitely unique among parks I would say. Good use of space too.

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