Weekly Photo: Ceiling of chapel in American Cemetery – Normandy, France

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Ceiling of Chapel in American Cemetery - Normandy France

I was thinking a lot about DDay this week for obvious reasons on the 70th anniversary of that date.  Unfortunately I was not able to be there this year for the anniversary but it reminded me of course of a trip I had taken myself to Normandy France a couple years ago.  One of the things that struck me the most about Normandy was how unlikely of a location it should have been for a landing.  When you realize how hard it is for a place to land (and obviously one of the reasons they chose it) you realize the sacrifice and courage needed of the men who fought that day.  It is an humbling and unrepayable sacrifice that they did for the freedoms of others.  I remember standing there on the beaches and trying to imagine what it would have been like that day and realize I really never could fathom it only appreciate and be thankful for it.  This particular artwork on the ceiling was very beautiful from the chapel there in the American Cemetery at the end of rows and rows of sites of those who fell during the battles.  I pray they all rest in peace and that all of us these days even 70 years on can still think and remember the price of what we so easily take for granted.


  1. deme says

    Amazing.. Love the pics and fun to read. Would love to travel myself like this just for the experience. People food culture and hands on history.. The world is smaller then we think. Thanks for sharing

    • says

      Thanks Deme for stopping by. Yeah getting out there to all these places give you such a perspective on the world and your own life. Where have you traveled yourself? The world is certainly smaller than we think and people are quite the same everywhere you go too. Everyone struggling for similar goals, dreams, wishes. Its what I love about the world, getting to see and understand how there are so many ways to live and yet things are so similar as well.

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