Weekly Photo: Fruit Sellers in Hyderabad India

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Laad Bazaar near Mecca Masjid


I’ve been terrible about posting India photos I know.  Getting into a car accident right after coming back sorta threw the normal schedule out of alignment and for some reason I haven’t quite brought it back to normal.  I haven’t even sent out my email of photos from the trip (sorry!), so hopefully at least I can try to make up some by trying to post more photos online in the mean time.  One of the things I love about India is getting out in the old city and seeing life move about so rapid and raw.  It seems like a hard to comprehend mess of things but yet still things manage to function (maybe not as well as one would hope but still better than it appears to).  Having a large camera around my neck didn’t go without notice but after a few minutes people went back to their normal activities and I was able to get a few photos without too much of a hassle.  Although being “incognito” was a bit out of the question too especially when folks called me out for being foreign and American. While accurate, I’m pretty sure they didn’t know I was American for sure, but I suppose it was a good enough guess as any.


So what else is new? I might have some big news work wise and travel wise coming up in a week-ish, so I’ll try to share that soon once something is confirmed. I’m trying to work on a few new projects too another website (stay tuned as well) and perhaps a few new sections for this blog.  Was wondering what people think about me continuing to include some technology articles/tips along the way? Ones that should help in regards to travel or travel blogging specifically.  Also I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately so I might try to start a series of answering some of the common and uncommon questions that I tend to get along the way.  If you have any questions or suggestions for things you want to see, please do contact me.  I’m also looking for a possible redesign, so if you are a designer or have one recommended please let me know too!



Fruit Seller - Laad Bazaar - Hyderabad India

Oh and just because I’ve been lazy lately another photo from the same area that early evening.

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      Yea. I got some looks in the beginning and some kids on a motorbike yelled to me “hey American!” I s impressed the got it right even if I’m sure they didn’t know where I was from.

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    Anwar, I love your “incognito” comment. It’s hard to do, but worth it if you can be….lol. The first time we were in India, in Jaisalmer, one vendor asked my daughter where she was from and she answered, “Japan.” Of course they didn’t believe her, but that was where we were living at the time…too funny!
    Corinne´s last blog post ..Sunday’s Travel Inspiration – UAE

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      Haha, you know its good to confuse people :-). I find it interesting to see the reactions if things don’t match up to what they expect! Its not easy to be “incognito” but i find if you stand in one place for a while people start to just ignore you.

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      Well ya for sure its fresher and cheaper than what’d you get in a supermarket. I love being able to just get fresh cheap fruit so easily like that. Ahh the trouble of living back home eh ?

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