Weekly Photo: Mecca Masjid in Lights – Hyderabad

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I haven’t posted as much from my travels to India as I had hoped but I’m trying to rectify that recently as I just posted about a trip into the Jungle and a trip on the train from Bangalore (although haven’t written about Bangalore yet!).  So hopefully I’ll get around to more of them.  This photo is from the night of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWS) birthday where the city lit up the old city in celebration.  I had not seen anything like this before and I hope to post some photos perhaps a photo essay about it.  It seems it is a bit more of a recent phenomenon that started about 5 years ago.  It was quite beautiful to see Mecca Masjid (Mosque) lit up in the evening time and all the people out there wandering around to see and experience it.  I was there hanging on desperately to the back of my cousin’s motorcycle as we tried to weave through the crowds who were all trying to basically the same thing.

Mecca Masjid in Lights - Hyderabad, India


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      It’s lovely isn’t it? It was a very interesting night. I’m trying to edit the photos from them and post a photo essay, although my current laptop is deadly slow. I need to get a new one but I’m trying to get this one to last just a bit longer. I would love to know other words that are borrowed as well :) I’ve been studying Arabic.

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    A beautiful image with the coloured lights, Anwar.

    By the way, your reply as to the possible origin of the word “mosque” got me looking on the Internet. It seems that masjid was transformed though Italian, French and Spanish into the English word. The French “mosqueé” gives the clue, I believe.

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      I’ll have to do more research. It probably was transformed several times. It makes sense if it came into europe through spain perhaps and then maybe was transformed into french and then into english. I love the history of words :)

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      It was a bit crazy at times with all the kids running around late at night, but it was nice seeing different things all lit up for the festivities. I wonder how it is in other years for sure.

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      It’s actually the Arabic word which is why its used in all those places. I believe Mosque was derived from the Spanish word (Mesquita) although I could be wrong on that and it came from another language’s interpretation of the word.

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